The real Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution must still come. The Internet has changed the way we work and educate ourselves. Also, how we predicate the future; for instance, where we will be in the coming weeks. Some services providers such as travel agencies and estate agencies are out of touch and have their offices closed. Many have changed their jobs titles and introduced new things while others are simply gone for good.

People who used to come to offices every day are nowadays working from home and are able to supporting in doing household jobs too. Amazing isn’t it? Next decade, Artificial Intelligence revolution will change the way we manage our lives. Are you ready?

What will happen next?

Artificial Intelligence revolutionised: The more we use AI means many things will be changed faster than you can even imagine. The most scaring thing still to come is how the AI will transform the education and finance sectors among others.

AI Education

Schools will be closed for good and big complex premises will be either demolished or used for other businesses. This sounds scaring already. Isn’t it? Traditional classrooms and the way we were taught will be replaced by Smart TV boards with augmented intelligence (AI) that enables virtual teachers to teach exactly the same way they teach at school in real-time.

Examinations will be done in real time and certificates will be digitized rather than hard copy papers. Student will deal with more robots than humans in the virtual class rooms. Student will also use AI for reading and memories less of new materials. How does that sounds? This is going to revolutionise the education sector because we cannot simply ask students to memories everything they read. It is simply too much what they can read, hear or even see during the classroom.

Universities building are also following the suit

  • Physical schools will be closed!
  • Universities building will be demolished

Financial industry transformation

Traditional way of banking is going to be old school. Indeed, real transformation is already happening here in Europe. Banks’ branch staff are being replaced by machines. In the future Bank HQ building will be demolished and paper money being replaced by digital and other alternatives like the tokenized crypto currency.

Financial Revolutionised started yesterday.

Financial industry will no longer need to worry about the fraud and cyber security as they augment artificial intelligence robotic online “bodyguard” for all transactions. Existing technologies will be replaced by AI that is more human like and human friendly. Surprisingly, humans are no longer the powerhouse when it comes to controlling financial industry and personal wealthy or even the world economy in the future. Indeed, these are scaring news for those financial intuitions that do not want to transform their legacy systems now.

What happens next?

  • Bank HQ building will be transformed to residential premises
  • Bank branches will be replaced by food stores
  • Money Lending and money transfer shops will be demolished

Cryptocurrency will be on the raise.

Hard currency printing factories will be demolished or transformed to residential houses. This might sound scaring again but AI’s transformation is real and is going to happen faster because, fortunately, people are ready to adapt to those changes sooner than later. People believe that technology makes life easy and using it effectively will improve lives.

No man’s land currency is evolving.

Tokenized encrypted code (crypto) is going to take over from traditional financial powerhouse because many countries and big companies are already adapting cryptocurrency as a medium of trade and it is acceptable in many online stores.

Benefits of the electricity.

With electricity and old computer hardware, you can farm tokenized currency worth millions of dollars yourselves. Why do you need to sit still while you can farm your own money by using GPU and Electricity with old Linux OS computer?

GPU graphic cards are becoming very cheap as well as computer chips because many will use GPU for Crypto Mining than watching nice moves.

Electricity will be cheaper to enable Crypto mining to farm tokens worth millions daily because people will become smarter to produce and use the energy from different sources such as Sunlight, Wind, Lakes, Sea, Motorways and even Gym facilities.

Issa Guled

Big Data Pre Sales/ Sr. Search Consultant /Big Data Architect/Data scientist



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